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China's packaging industry opens the road to scientific and technological innovation Source: Ruixiang Packaging / Views: 2098

China is the second largest packaging country in the world with the largest market size in the world. The market size of over one trillion demonstrates the tremendous growth prospects of the packaging industry. However, China is not a powerhouse for packaging. Its major high-end packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are heavily reliant on imports. Its core technologies are still monopolized by developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan. How to get rid of the development bottleneck and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry has become a topic of common concern to the industry.

In order to promote the scientific and technological progress of China's packaging industry and enhance the level of technological innovation in China's packaging industry, a scientific and technological innovation platform set up by China National Packaging Corporation to integrate various international and domestic scientific and technological resources, promote independent scientific and technological innovation in the packaging industry and lead the development of the packaging industry - Packaging Institute in the May 18 listing in Beijing. By the China Packaging Corporation and the United States Global Innovation Integration Company GII to establish a global center for innovation and integration GII-China was established at the same time.