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Guangdong Dongguan paper makes a breakthrough and grabs the top of the industry Source: Ruixiang Packaging / Views: 1971

This year, affected by the external economic environment, the performance of the paper industry in Dongguan, Guangdong Province has been sluggish. Apart from the strong growth momentum of several leading enterprises, the entire industry is facing a series of challenges. Among them, overcapacity and the problem of single product structure have become more and more serious Prominent. For the paper industry in Dongguan, only continue to increase efforts to upgrade, in order to seize the commanding height of the industry.

       Among the traditional pillar industries in Dongguan, the paper industry is the most polluting industry. Last year, Dongguan carried out a comprehensive remediation of 125 paper-making enterprises to enhance their wastewater treatment capacity. The water reuse rate reached over 80%. By the beginning of this year, in addition to the 30 closed paper-making enterprises, a total of 721 million yuan were reserved for the 95 enterprises for upgrading their environmental protection facilities and upgrading their production technologies.

       In the process of remediation of the paper industry, Dongguan also forced the closure of 27 small paper-making enterprises and closed down the three enterprises with financial compensation and realized the complete closure of small paper-making enterprises with an annual output of 50,000 tons or less.

       This year, Dongguan will continue to increase efforts to introduce and nurture major paper products manufacturing projects, encourage enterprises to transform backward production capacity, increase product variety, and increase product added value. In addition, it will also lead the extension of the industrial chain and enrich the paper products such as paper box production, printing and packaging, household paper and cultural paper, and promote the diversification of the paper products industry. At the same time, pay more attention to brand building and upgrading.

       Cao Guoping, deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center of Papermaking and Pollution Control of South China University of Technology, believes that the product structure of paper making industry in Dongguan is relatively simple. When the external economic environment fluctuates violently, it is vulnerable and falls into a passive situation. He suggested that the paper-making enterprises in Dongguan, the first should be based on the original paper, the development of new varieties, such as high-grade wrapping paper. In addition, for the original product, it should be through technological innovation to enhance the technological content, increase product added value.